The Red Tree House


The Red Tree House
Culiacan 6
Colonia Condesa
Mexico City, Mexico
Tel: 52 55 5584.3829

Mexico City, Mexico: Where it's always a holiday

The Red Tree House

It's tough to get your arms around Mexico City.

It has more than its fair share of crime and pollution, and both sprawl and density in insalubrious proportions. Mexico City also has more than enough history, cultural attractions, and great food to reward any visitor. You just have to manage its assets carefully.

One key decision: where to stay. And you can hardly improve on the charms of The Red Tree House. In the centrally-located Condesa neighborhood, the bed and breakfast is an essential haven. Decor is simple but stylish, prices are modest (from $55-$230 a night), and we don't think you'll find a warmer staff anywhere in town. The courtyard garden is the haven inside the oasis.

While it can be tricky, even for taxi drivers, to locate the inn (keep your map with you), the red lights on the tree in front let you know you're in the right place. Many years ago, they were Christmas lights—neighbors encouraged the owners to leave them year-round. It may not always be Christmas at the Red Tree, but it is always a holiday.

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