Anna's Hand Cut Donuts


Anna's Hand Cut Donuts
2056 Centre Street
West Roxbury, MA
Tel: 617 323 2680

West Roxbury, MA: A doughnut-lover's mecca

Anna's Hand Cut Donuts

The doughnuts are made fresh in the wee hours at Anna's, a tiny shop just outside Boston that's been open for nearly half a century.

Honey dipped, cinnamon, plain, plain glazed, chocolate glazed, black raspberry twist, marble crullers, coconut… The doughnuts all have two things in common: Hand-made deliciousness, and the fact that one is never enough.

Our only complaint, really, is that the shop is only open from 5AM to 1PM. But doughnuts this good breed forgiveness, and besides, it's only fair: The baker-owners, husband and wife Kosta and Eleni Keskinidis, have to hit the hay early to be up doing their thing by 2AM.
[Boston Globe]

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