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Antico Chiosco
Piazza Mondello, 4
Mondello, Italy
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Mondello, Italy: Gelato—it's what's for breakfast

Antico Chiosco

Whether or not Sicilians invented gelato is a matter of some debate.

But in the way that creation myths can shape a people, inventors or no, Sicilians believe so deeply in their creamy legacy that they make the best gelato anywhere. (The amazingly fertile soil helps: so many gelato ingredients—pistachios from Bronte, Avola almonds, and nearly all of Italy's citrus—are grown nearby.)

Sicilians love gelato so much, they eat it for breakfast. Why settle for a simple espresso to kick off your day when you can have a warm brioche oozing with coffee gelato? (And topped with whipped cream. Lily-gilding? Totally. Delicious? Mind-blowingly.)

Drive about 20 minutes upcoast from Palermo to the little beach town of Mondello, on the other side of Monte Pellegrino, and stop in at the century-old Antico Chiosco around 9AM. Just-made brioscia are standing by.

Now you're faced with having to choose which of the 30-odd flavors of gelato—studded with cherries? redolent of rose or jasmine petals?—you want stuffed into your bun. (Which you'll eat, as the bread's warmth melts the gelato, while looking out at the sea.)

Good luck starting your day with Cheerios after that.

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