220 California Street
San Francisco, CA
Tel: 415.955.1919

San Francisco, CA: Oh what a suprise - a fabulous eatery by the Bay


Okay, San Francisco: how many more of these do you need?

Barbacco, the more gently-priced offshoot of Perbacco has just about everything going for it. If you like that sort of thing. Couldn't some of these restos, seemingly a dime a dozen in the Bay Area, spread out a little more?

Yes, we'd like some of these small plates in our neighborhood, too. That beet and blood orange salad? Step away from the Embarcadero and it would taste just as good where we live, which doesn't happen to be steps away from the Embarcadero. The bruschetta with caponata and spicy ricotta or artichokes, mint, and olives would be delicious anywhere—and at three for $8, a bargain in most zip codes.

You'd have a lot of fans, you know, for your Sicilian meatballs, that skate wing special, and the pork ribs if you pulled up stakes and set them down elsewhere. And your Brussels sprouts, done with capers, anchovy and a shallot red wine vinaigrette are some of the best we've had anywhere.

It's really kind of annoying: the wine list is good, the design is stylish without constantly calling attention to itself, and the staff is, we're sorry to say, knowledgeable and friendly. Seriously, who needs it?

Well, asked and answered.

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