Baumgartner's Cheese Store and Tavern


Baumgartner's Cheese Store and Tavern
1023 16th Avenue
Monroe, WI
Tel: 608.325.6157

Monroe, WI: Limburger v. tough guy; Limburger wins

Baumgartner's Cheese Store and Tavern

The Limburger can take down even the most stalwart cheesehead. The battle of beer versus wine plays out on a wall mural (this is Wisconsin, so siding with wine is not advised). And there are a lot of dollar bills on the ceiling of the tavern. How'd they get there?

Downtown Monroe, Wisconsin has been home to Baumgartner's Cheese Store and Tavern since 1931. It's a link back to the old country for the Swiss community here, but you don't have to have the Alps in your blood to love Baumgartner's.

There are two parts to the place—a cheese store in front where you can stock up on Brick, Farmer, Brun-uusto (their take on the Scandinavian Juustalepia), and Cheddar aged five years. When you step into the tavern in the back, though, you're stepping back in time and into the heart of the place.

You'll have passed under the sign that says "Through this portal you can get the best cheese sandwiches in the world." And the sandwiches just might live up to their billing. Whether you go for the Brick and raw onion, Limburger and onion, Limburger and Braunschweiger (smoked liverwurst)—or one of the other less assertive choices—you will have done Wisconsin proud.

It's practically a state law that you don't wash the sandwiches (or the excellent chili) down with a Chardonnay. Instead, choose one of the beers on tap from Monroe's local brewery, in business since 1845, maker of Huber. (You can take a tour there on Fridays and Saturdays).

And how did those dollar bills get on the ceiling? That's a trick one of Baumgartner's staff will have to show you. Give them a dollar and a quarter to find out.

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