Bernardini Luxury Vintage


Bernardini Luxury Vintage
Via Caradosso 2
Milan, Italy
Tel: 02 4818697

Milan, Italy: A genteel trove of gentleman's finery

Bernardini Luxury Vintage

It all started with watches.

Milanese Max Bernardini was a dealer in rare and vintage timepieces, building upon his father's legacy as an expert in antique jewelry. But his negozio, a stone's throw from the Santa Maria delle Grazie (where The Last Supper lives), is much more than a watch shop: It's where someone who tells time by, say, a Patek Philippe from 1939 would outfit the rest of his very covetable life.

Such a man makes today's renewed interest in the bespoke seem like so much frivolity and dandyism. Such a man would clearly need a set of monogrammed steamer trunks, or a Louis Vuitton golf bag, or a gold cigar-cutter by Hermès, or a Baccarat bar set. Well, he wouldn't need them, Bernardini has said, "but he might deserve."

Along with other purveyors of such finery, Bernardini sells some of his pieces at—but if you only went to the website, you'd miss the particularly exquisite experience of slipping back to a time and place of Gatsbyian and Bondian elegance.

That, and the thrill of sipping a mojito prepared by the shop's full-time bartender.

Photo: L.: Bernardini Vintage; r. geishaboy500/Flickr Creative Commons

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