Bird Island Lodge


Bird Island Lodge
Bird Island, Seychelles

Bird Island, Seychelles: Heavy on the birds and turtles, light on the humans

Bird Island Lodge

Looked at one way, the photo accompanying this article could signal trouble for Tippi Hendren.

Neither the photo nor the Bird Island Lodge, in the Seychelles, however, should call to mind any Hitchcock film whatsoever. Suspense is not much in evidence here—you can be sure, on a daily basis, that there will be sun, and blue skies, and spectacular beaches, and plenty of birds to appreciate.

Visit between October and January and there will be turtles, too, laying eggs. From December to March, the adorable results emerge.

Bird Island is only accessible by small plane, about a 30-minute hop from the international airport. There are two dozen bungalows on the whole island, so you'll certainly see many more birds than humans during your stay. You'll unplug, too. They've got electricity, but no television or phone. Spend your time instead on the distinctly undigital three miles of beaches—some of the planet's loveliest.

You want opera? Shopping? Crowds? Late-night restaurants? Museums? You won't be happy here. But for a holiday from the built world, Bird Island is sure to make your spirits soar.

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