Cafe Pamplona's Sopa de Ajo


Cafe Pamplona
12 Bow St. [Bow and Arrow Streets]
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel: 617.492.0352

Cambridge, MA: Garlic-lovers' ivy-league detour

Cafe Pamplona's Sopa de Ajo

Coffee's all well and good—and to be sure, it's both here, what with Cambridge being the Portland of the Northeast, having more arty coffeeshops per capita than anywhere along the coast (this is an entirely unverified statistic, by the way). But coffee won't quell hunger. For that, step down into the underground (literally) Cafe Pamplona off Harvard Square—which lore holds opened in 1959 as the first of the square's cafes—for a bowl of their spankingly intense, gorgeous sopa de ajo: garlic soup, sort of the soupe à l'oignon of the Castilian plains. And if, after downing the equivalent of 16 cloves of garlic, you still want coffee, Pamplona's cafe con leche has developed a cult following of its own. [WYWH]

Photo: Josfina Yanguas

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