Calico Cat Cafe


Calico Cat Cafe
1-5-7 Kichijoji Minamicho, Yuki Bldg. 4F
Tokyo, Japan
Tel: 0 4 2229 8353

Tokyo, Japan: Felines, nothing more than felines

Calico Cat Cafe

Ordinarily, being surrounded by 20+ felines puts you in Crazy Cat Lady territory. (See also: Wearing slippers to the gas station, Hummel figurines.)

But in Tokyo—where long work hours and cramped dwellings make it hard to commit to a pet—it just means you're squeezing in some stress-relieving me-time after work. Like going to the gym, only furrier.

At Calico Cat Cafe, you pay a nominal fee (about $10 US), clean your hands, and settle in with some tea. Pretty soon, you're bound to have something purring against your leg or curled up in your lap.

As with any establishment where one pays for companionship, there are rules: Catnip is forbidden. Don't wake napping cats or touch ones wearing ribbons (they're still too young). And if a cat resists your advances, you must respect its wishes.

Reserve ahead for a weekend spot at Calico—that's peak petting time. The mini-chain is one of many cat cafes around town; to find one, look for street advertising like this and this.

And when you do visit, just one suggestion: Don't wear black.

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