Cantler's Riverside Inn


Cantler's Riverside Inn
458 Forest Beach Road
Annapolis, MD
Tel: 410.757.1311

Annapolis, MD: Now we get it

Cantler's Riverside Inn

Here's our problem with crabs.

And maybe it's just us.

But you can eat crab cakes at a dozen places and crack crabs at a dozen other meals and disappointment is the thing you remember most. Lobster doesn't treat you that way.

Still, crabs have many an admirer and those fans know you have to consider the source. And for an unimpeachable source, you want Maryland and—zooming in further—you want to eat crabs at Cantler's.

The waterfront restaurant in Mill Creek, part of Annapolis, has been serving blue crabs since 1974 and people have lined up for the pleasure ever since. Fishermen unload the crates right on their dock, so the time between catch and plate is brief. Whether you eat inside or out, you'll find the lively, informal atmosphere conducive to the business at hand: excavating the meat.

For once, the pleasures of crab become clear.

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