Casa Palopó


Casa Palopó
Lake Atitlán
Tel: 502 7762 2270

Santa Catarina Palopó, Guatemala: A three-volcano view

Casa Palopó

Casa Palopó, a lakeside resort in the Guatemalan Highlands about 90 miles from Guatemala City, has a definite end-of-the-earth feeling.

The view—and, exquisite amenities aside, this hotel is all about the view—is positively prehistoric. Gazing out over the turquoise waters of Lake Atitlán, your sightline includes no fewer than three volcanoes: San Pedro and Tolimánn (about 40,000 years old, give or take), and Atitlán, the only one of the three that's erupted in recorded history (1853) and is still considered active. (The lake itself resulted from an eruption that kicked off some 1.8 million years ago.)

Naturally, every last room, deck, table, and pool—of the lap and infinity variety—is situated to maximize your access to this unparalleled sight.

When morning mist rises from the lake, it's hard to tell where land ends and sky begins.

Photo: Casa Palopó

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