Community Baboon Sanctuary


Community Baboon Sanctuary
Bermudian Landing, Belize

Bermudian Landing, Belize: Jungle sounds

Community Baboon Sanctuary

Everyone says the same thing: You'll hear them before you see them.

They're talking about the 1500 or so Black Howler Monkeys that live in an 18-acre sanctuary twenty miles from Belize City. For over 20 years, the local community of eight villages has banded together to protect these "baboons," as they're called in the area.

The howlers make an indelible sound—sort of a raspy roar— but, not to worry, they're strict vegetarians, foraging among the leaves and fruit of the Belizean Rainforest.

When you visit, you'll get Belizean hospitality (you can camp at the Sanctuary center or stay in one of the nearby bed and breakfasts), the unforgettable Howlers, not to mention over 200 bird species, crocodiles, snakes, turtles, foxes, jaguars, and countless other animals and varieties of plant life.

What everyone doesn't tell you about those howls: you'll hear them long after you see them, too.

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