Confetteria Moriondo e Gariglio


Confetteria Moriondo e Gariglio
Via di Pie' di Marmo 21-22
Rome, Italy
Tel: 06 699 08 56


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Rome, Italy: City's oldest chocolatier & Easter HQ

Confetteria Moriondo e Gariglio

Right about now, it pays to rise early if provisions need to be made at Moriondo e Gariglio. If you were Rome's oldest (and arguably finest) chocolatier two days before Easter, you'd have a line out the door, too.

Two confectioner cousins from Turin founded the operation there in the 1850s (positively recent by Italian standards) as chocolate purveyors to the House of Savoy. By the time the House's royal privileges and distinctions were nixed a hundred years later, the Turinese family had set up shop in Rome—and plenty of other customers eager to keep it in business. Nowadays, fervent fans contend the little confetteria in the Centro Storico is the only place to go in the city for fine sweets.

Every one of the 100+ vareties of chocolate and other types of candy (candied chestnuts and fruit jellies are popular) are handmade in the back of Moriondo e Gariglio, many using the recipes perfected and handed down by the shop's namesake cousins.

Hot sellers at Easter: traditional tinfoil fish and lambs in solid dark and milk chocolate, and elaborately hand-decorated chocolate eggs, filled with velvety giandua (a hazelnut cream—think very, very, very high-end Nutella).

Photo: (L.); (R.) Creative Commons

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