Confiserie Sprüngli


Confiserie Sprüngli
Bahnhofstrasse 21
Zürich, Switzerland
Tel: 44 224 46 46

Zürich, Switzerland: Chocolate truffles you're not allowed to save for later

Confiserie Sprüngli

This 1859 shop and café in Zürich's Paradeplatz is a destination for chocoholics everywhere, so it's rarely anything but packed. But with all the hubbub, there's one very special offering here that you might miss.

Bypass the gloriously-festooned chocolate boxes and the perfect rows of rainbow-hued Luxemburgerli (macaroons—something they're also famous for) and find the truffes du jour.

These melty little mouthfuls aren't your everyday chocolate truffles: They're made by hand using cow's milk taken from the farm that morning, and they're meant to be eaten that day. And they'll pretty much spoil you for all other truffles.

If you're lucky, they won't have run out, and you can squirrel away in the tea room upstairs to eat every single one.

(No relation, by the way, between the upscale Confiserie Sprüngli and the chocolate-producing giant Lindt & Sprüngli—they parted ways more than a century ago.)

Photo: schmish/Flickr Creative Commons (l.)

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