Djerassi Ranch


Djerassi Ranch
2325 Bear Gulch Road
Woodside, CA
Tel: 650.747.1250

Woodside, CA: A haven for artists

Djerassi Ranch

A little over an hour south of San Francisco is a haven for artists.

Writers, visual artists, composer and choreographers spend several weeks at a time on the Djerassi ranch in the Djerassi Resident Artists Program, working on whatever projects they choose, away from the pressures of everyday life. The landscape and ocean views are beautiful—inspirational, no doubt, when they doesn't beckon you to take a break.

You don't need a creative bone in your body, though, to enjoy Djerassi—just an appreciation for sculpture and a reservation.

On the grounds of the ranch are 50 or so sculptures created by artists who have spent time at Djerassi. The only way to see these works is from mid-April to mid-October, on one of two types of tours.

The first, led by program staff, is free. You get to see roughly 15 works over two-and-a-half hours.

The other tour costs $50, is led by the program's executive director, covers 25 or so sculptures and lasts about four-and-a-half hours. You also get to see the Artists' Barn, which is the main studio for visiting artists. Plus a break for lunch.

Whether you go for the shorter or longer tour really depends on your levels of interest and energy, but either way, you'll get to spend some time at this memorable, lovely spot.

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