Dune Seven


Dune Seven
Walvis Bay, Namibia

Walvis Bay, Namibia: Hitting the slopes in the world's oldest desert

Dune Seven

The après ski leaves a little to be desired.

But if you visit Namibia—and the gorgeous desert landscapes and plentiful wildlife make it a memorable trip—be sure to hit the slopes of Dune 7.

Leaving Walvis Bay on the ocean (the Atlantic), head out to the Namib, the oldest desert in the world, where you'll find a couple of curiosities. First, there are train tracks by the dunes which those with cinematic imaginations will supply with the necessary vintage locomotive, storyline, and soundtrack. Then, just when you start to get overwhelmed by the endless vistas of sand, you arrive at a small grove of palm trees, holding out, it would seem, for better days. (They were planted by the town.) Now you're at Dune 7.

If you get one of the local operators to go with you—and that's highly recommended—you can get a quad bike ride (they call it the Nambian ski lift) to the top of the dunes. Some people hike up to the top, but never more than once.

Excellent sand boarding to follow—a new twist on the planet's oldest sands.

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