El Bar: The Bloody Chicas Return


El Bar
Calle 10 [1st & 5th Aves]
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Mexico: The Mexican Riv's most perfect dive bar

El Bar: The Bloody Chicas Return

One of our favorite restaurants anywhere, as of a few years ago, was a hole-in-the-wall in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. No, that's not right–it wasn't even a hole-in-the-wall since it didn't really have walls to speak of. Everything that Mayte and Ale, the two women (lovingly dubbed the 'bloody chicas' by one of their husbands), prepared in this dinerless diner was delicious beyond belief and dirt cheap.

So we were heartbroken when they were in a serious car accident and were forced to sell the place. The happy news is that Mayte and Ale have not only mended, they've opened a rooftop bar called El Bar. So far, none of their amazing kitchen magic is on offer; still, a Bloody-Chicas-run bar automatically makes it a must when you're visiting the Mexican Riviera. Read more about them and the place here.

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