Fredsgatan 12
Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: 46 (0) 8 24 80 52

Stockholm, Sweden: Fabulous cooking from Danyel Couet


F12 is Danyel Couet's flagship restaurant and it's become nearly as much of an institution in Stockholm as the Royal Academy of Arts, where it is located.

Swedish government offices are nearby, so this is a haven for those types, but also for you if you're feeling flush. What you'll get from time spent here is a sense that all is right with the world.

There are set menus, traditional and innovative, and you can't go wrong either way. Even though F12 is far from the new kid on the block, the Swedish/international cooking maintains its fresh outlook so, for instance, even a humble roasted rabbit comes with an unexpected sidekick—Tasmanian peppers.

The spring pea-colored walls, combined with plenty of neutrals and clean Scandinavian design, give the effect of a place out of time. And that's as good a way as any to think about F12.

It may not be the real world, but for the time you're there, it's the most pleasant alternate reality imaginable.

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