Guglgasse 8
Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria: No more gas


Civic dilemma: Vienna has these four honking big gas tanks, built at the end of the 19th century. They do their service until 1978 when they're shut down. Catch: they were also designated protected landmarks in that year. What to do?

Following a cameo in the James Bond flick The Living Daylights, a game plan emerged to hire four snazzy architects that would give the tanks a second act. In 2001, the curtain rose on the Gasometer complex, rejiggered to contain apartments, offices, and stores. By all accounts, a paradigm of urban reuse, honoring history, context, and present-day needs. And a vital community has emerged from Gasometer tenants, workers, and visitors. If you visit the city, guided tours are available.

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