Golden Eagle Pharmacy Museum


Golden Eagle Pharmacy Museum (Arany Sas Patikamúzeum)
I. Tárnok utca 18, Buda
Budapest, Hungary
Tel: 1-375-9772

Budapest, Hungary: Spit of bat and vomit of whale

Golden Eagle Pharmacy Museum

Bat saliva. Sperm-whale vomit. Mummified corpses, ground into powder for internal ingestion. Take two and call us in the morning.

Long before the days of MRIs or laser surgery, all of these were used to heal something or other—so they're all on display at Budapest's Golden Eagle Pharmacy Museum.

Housed in a 15th-century merchant's manor in Buda's Castle District (so-called because the first castle was originally built here in the 1200s), this display of Middle-Ages medical conventions became a museum in 1948 when a collector with a particularly morbid sense of humor released his private trove.

And what a trove it is: Once you get past the endless clusters of potions and unguents and powders, check out the "laboratory," complete with a fireplace, demonstrating the kinds of facilities doctors would use to cook up their concoctions.

The museum is free to browse, and a stone's throw from the nifty funicular—formerly steam-powered, now electric—that inches you up 330 feet to the Royal Palace.

Do both, and spend some time just wandering the (traffic-free, save for buses) cobblestoned streets of the Castle District, home to some of the city's oldest, most stunning architecture.

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