Harpswell Inn


Harpswell Inn
108 Lookout Point Road
Harpswell, ME
Tel: 207.833.5509

Harpswell, ME: Salty air, pine trees, lobster—essential Maine

Harpswell Inn

More than most places, a vacation in Maine always seems greater than the sum of its parts.

You know, three lobsters here, an ocean view there, two or three "A-yuh"s, one choice "You can't get thay-yuh from hay-yuh", countless white pines, and boundless crystalline air—pretty soon it's worked its salty charm on you and you're thinking that Maine is the best of all possible worlds. (Except for that whole winter thing.)

Many spots are quintessentially Maine, among them the Harpswell Inn on—can you stand it?—Lookout Point in the town of Harpswell. That's up the road a piece from Portland in the 'finger' peninsulas.

The Inn was built as a shipyard cookhouse in 1761. There are a dozen rooms in the old house, plus four longer-stay cottages. Traditional New England style is, of course, the look here. The Inn is run as a B & B (rates from $140 a night) and you'll get a good first meal of the day to start you off.

After that, there's plenty to do: boating, hiking, biking, a visit to L.L. Bean in Freeport or just spend the day soaking in the whole Maine thing going on around you. You may find yourself wondering why you'd want to get thay-yuh, anyway. Hay-yuh's plenty good.

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