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Hearsons Cove
Karratha, Australia

Karratha, Australia: Staircase to the Moon

Hearsons Cove

Who could say no to an invitation to see a staircase to the moon?

We couldn't. And it's the irresistible promise of a trip to northwestern Australia, about half-hour's drive from Karratha, where a unique combination of ingredients creates a phenomenon roughly three times a month between March and October.

Here's what needs to happen to make the effect: the moon needs to be full, the weather needs to be clear, the mudflats in the area need to be at low tide, and you need to be there as witness.

During daylight, you'll find a beautiful beach where people swim, snorkel and picnic year-round. Red rock gives a distinctive look to the area and you can see quite a few ancient Aboriginal rock engravings nearby. On 'staircase' dates, there's a craft and food market held at Town Beach in Exmuth.

By the way, if you're flying into Broome and don't make it to Hearsons Cove, Roebuck Bay in Broome also offers fine viewing of the phenomenon.

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