Hotel de la Plage


Hotel de la Plage
37 rue du Commandant Charcot
St Marc sur Mer, France
Tel: 0240919901

St Marc sur Mer, France: The more things change…

Hotel de la Plage

No vampires. No car chases. No one getting inside each other's dreams.

Also, no plot, no dialogue. Yet Jacques Tati's Monsieur Hulot's Holiday still packs more joy, gentle humor, and time travel goodness than most movies we can name.

The film takes place in the early 1950s, in the tiny village of St Marc sur Mer, in and around the Hotel de la Plage. It's the story of what happens during a week's sleepy vacation after M. Hulot arrives, an innocent who manages to cause streams of comic mayhem.

The town has changed little over the years and the holiday pleasures remain much as they always were. The hotel has been taken over by Best Western and modernized within, but an essential charm remains intact. There's now a statue of Tati above the beach, gazing at the small patch of earth he memorialized. He seems to soak in the small, cherished moments that happen reliably, year after year, at St Marc sur Mer.

Actually, we take one thing back: we said this wasn't about getting inside each other's dreams. That's exactly what it does.

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