Hotel Home


Hotel Home
Honduras 5860
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: 54 11 4778 1008

Buenos Aires, Argentina: No place like…

Hotel Home

We can name plenty of reasons to visit Buenos Aires, one of our favorite cities in the world. The Portenos are lovely people inside and out, you can tango, eat great beef, drink wonderful Malbec, visit Recoleta Cemetery, buy leather goods, and hardly make a dent in your bank account. That check list is pretty well known. Here's one more case to be made for B.A.:

Home is a boutique hotel in the Palermo district. Too often 'boutique' is just another way of saying a little more design and a lot more money. But Patricia O'Shea, who grew up in the neighborhood, and her British husband, have given that city one more sparkling calling card: a beautifully designed place with a price tag of $130 a night for a standard room.

The bright, cheerful, contemporary design looks like a page out of Wallpaper come to life (and of course Wallpaper awarded Home a Design Award), bedding is comfortable, there's a peaceful pool (open in summer months) surrounded by jasmine bushes, ferns, and kumquat trees. Home also has a restaurant (breakfast is included in the room rate), and you'll find a warm and welcoming staff.

One warning: Buenos Aires is like the Sirens of Greek mythology—incredibly seductive. We know more than one American citizen who visited once, then again, and then found themselves moving there permanently.

Unlike the sailors lured by the Sirens' call, they don't end up shipwrecked—instead, they find a new home in a fabulous city. Think of Hotel Home as a gateway drug.

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