Hotel Paradies


Hotel Paradies
Ftan, Switzerland
Tel: 081.861.08.08

Ftan, Switzerland: As paradises go, this is a good one

Hotel Paradies

In 1910, the painter Hans Walter Bayer built a small home in the Engandin region of the Swiss Alps. It had such captivating views that he called the place Il Paradis. Many years later, it became a hotel, then given an upgrade to become part of the Relais & Château group in the '90s. One thing that's never changed: those views.

The 23 rooms have a view of Piz Lischana which, we guarantee, will make you reluctant to leave your room. Some suites have fireplaces, compounding that reluctance. But when you do venture outside your room, the hotel has other bragging rights. Recalling its beginning as an artist's retreat, the hotel has a collection of art and sculpture, as well as one of the largest private libraries of antique books in Switzerland.

And, of course, once you're outside the building, you've got the Swiss Alps to play with, minus the crowds. It doesn't come cheap: room rates start at about $500 a night. But as splurges go, it's one you will remember as money well spent.

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