Il Corbezzolo


Il Corbezzolo
Via Marinaccio, 6
Bevagna, Cantalupo, Italy
Tel: 39.0742.361933

Bevagna, Cantalupo, Italy: A farmhouse and refuge

Il Corbezzolo

Nothing wrong with standard-issue Italy: the ruins in Rome, the art in Florence, the canals in Venice. Most countries would give anything to have a fraction of Italy's lures.

Still, you might want to do something off Italy's beaten path; in this case, we'd send you smack dab into the middle of the country. Umbria, the famously green heart of Italy, is blessed with achingly beautiful, hilly countryside. It isn't the first place most people visit when they go to Italy. And that's where you come in.

When getting away is at the top of your list, Umbria obliges. And Il Corbezzolo, a farm with a handful of guest rooms, olive trees and a gorgeous panorama, would do just about anyone a world of good.

The rooms, (78 euros a night for a double, including breakfast), manage to be both simple and sophisticated. The same could be said for the small restaurant here, in which nearly everything is homemade (olive oil, to be sure) and delicious.

In all, the fine Italian hand is in evidence everywhere. The countryside, well, it speaks for itself.

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