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La Pirogue
Flic en Flac, Mauritius
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Flic en Flac, Mauritius: The tropical island jackpot

La Pirogue

The economy. The wars. The Republicans. The Democrats. The weather.

Time spent in Flic en Flac, Mauritius will solve none of the above, except the weather; it can do a mighty job, though, of putting it all in perspective.

First off, who wouldn't want to visit a place called Flic en Flac? When you're in the doldrums, just saying 'I'm off to Flic en Flac' can be helpful. The name is a transliteration of a Dutch phrase meaning free and flat land, and it's located on the west coast of Mauritius, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

What was once a sleepy fishing village has been been built up a bit with some swanky new resorts recently. But we'd like to point you to a less new, less swanky (though still incredibly nice) place that has long put Flic en Flac on the map. It's called La Pirogue, named after the small, flat-bottomed fishing boats of the area.

It has cheerful, comfortable rooms, many opening onto a palm grove and the Indian Ocean. There are all the water sports you could ask for, a spa, and good food—additional facilities are available to guests at the next-door, sister resort Sugar Beach. And you'll figure out pretty quickly why next door has the name it does. They share a strip of gorgeous beach.

La Pirogue's staff, though, is the deal-sealer. For decades now, they've had the deserved reputation of being genuinely caring, understated hosts, turning a resort on a dot in the Indian Ocean into that often-elusive jackpot island holiday and then a long, warm memory.

Prices for La Pirogue run about $685 per night for two people in a standard room all-inclusive, or about $500 per night half-board.

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