Las Margaritas


Las Margaritas
Calle 62 No. 7-77
Bogotá, Colombia
Tel: 1 249 9468/217-0781

Bogotá, Colombia: Daring you to make a better empanada since 1902

Las Margaritas

Tucked amidst the large Victorian houses of Bogotá's Chapinero neighborhood is Las Margaritas, whose empanadas are so locally famous, they make up nearly half the restaurant's take.

It all started at the turn of the last century with selling empanadas to hungry crowds as they filed out of church.

Fillings change, but they're always served with lime and spicy, oniony cilantro aji for dipping (every Colombian kitchen has its own version of aji—the basics are herbs, tartness and heat).

Wait for the weekend to sample the other reason Las Margaritas is a Bogotano favorite: the ajiaco (a thick soup of chicken, potatoes and corn) that comes in a hotpot and is sided with capers, avocado and crema, served only on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays.

Or try the lengua en salsa (beef tongue, stewed in a pungent sauce), or the pernil de pollo, crispy fried chicken skin and meat from the back. Sort of like the pork rinds of chicken.

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