Le Chien Fumant


Le Chien Fumant
4710, de Lanaudière
Montréal, Quebec Canada

Montréal, QC: A bistro with heart and soul

Le Chien Fumant

Some food lovers dream of making endless pilgrimages from one three-star Michelin temple to another. Others fetishize holes-in the wall eateries, staking out the best jungle curry here, the best samosas there.

There are times when we've hit the three-star road and other times when we've slid with relief into our favorite little dive. Most days, though, we're somewhere in the middle and seek out places that offer an idiosyncratic mix of good food, a nod to comfort, and a sweet vibe.

In Montréal, exhibit A: Le Chien Fumant.

The restaurant, less than a year old, has three dozen or so seats, lots of windows onto the street, an open kitchen where the young chef Maksim Morin turns out delicious, fresh, seasonal food—oh, and add hearty to that list. There are also appealing details such as vintage glassware, tea-towel napkins, and a chalkboard menu.

It all adds up to a lively, welcoming refuge, a bistro with heart and soul.

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