Louis Vuitton Museum


Louis Vuitton Museum
17 Rue de la Comète
Asnières, France

Asnières, France: Where LV was born

Louis Vuitton Museum

Sure, you can get bragging rights from snagging the latest Louis Vuitton purse (provided you have enough cash and patience).

But even serious LV lovers may not know about a secret museum in which Vuitton is celebrated in all its glory. It's the Louis Vuitton Museum in Asnières, about a half-hour from the center of Paris. The Museum is connected to the LV workshop where the goods are fabricated.

There you'll see amazingly beautiful steamer trunks you've never seen before from the company's 150-year history as well as custom pieces, such as a Tea Case created for a Maharaja. You can take virtual tours here and here.

While the Museum isn't officially open to the public, you can sometimes make an appointment for a tour by calling Love of LV will go a long way to getting you on the list.

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