Hiberniastrasse 4
Waltrop, Germany
Tel: 02309 939.142

Waltrop, Germany: Our desert-island store


It's the one store where we could find a fantastic gift for anyone. Anyone, anywhere, past, present, or future.

It's the rare store that we leave, even after hours of browsing, with regret.

It's the store we'd take to a desert island with us if we were allowed to take a store.

What Manufactum has is a brilliantly selected of goods from all over the world. Loosely organized into categories, you can browse the garden section and its shears, rakes, and hoes and get distracted, an aisle or two away, by the San Marzano tomatoes, Belgian Trappist beers, and Bonnat chocolates. Before you know it, you're comparing toothpastes from around the world. And thinking how nice it would be to have that Pelikan fountain pen to make notes about all this cool stuff on the reporter-style spiral notebook that has a stiff cover and an elastic band to keep it shut.

So you get the idea: quality stuff, of all kinds, from around the world, chosen with unassailable taste. Manufactum first opened in 1987 in the town of Waltrop, north of Dortmund in the Ruhr region of Germany. That's the place to get the essence of the company vibe. But there are eight stores around the country–and a full website. Happy browsing!

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