Marlboro Music


Marlboro Music
2472 South Road
Marlboro, VT
Tel: 802.254.2394

Marlboro, VT: An annual Brigadoon of classical music

Marlboro Music

Sure, Tanglewood sucks all the oxygen out of the room (the wind out of the woodwinds?) with its A-list musicians and choice grounds. Classical music fans know, however, that Marlboro Music, the celebration of classical music and sanctuary for musicians, may not always get the spotlight. But it always delivers great music.

Located in the the town of Marlboro, Vermont, with a population of fewer than 1000 residents, violinists and cellists, pianists and flutists, gather for three weeks of serious rehearsals and lots of musician-only bonding. After that, they perform from mid-July through mid-August. Ticket prices top out at $35.

The experience of Marlboro can't be underestimated for the musicians: Yo-Yo Ma has said, "Marlboro was the place I decided to become a musician."

And the same is true for audiences. Brigadoon-like, for a few weeks a year, in a lovely Vermont hamlet, the town comes to life, filled with kindred spirits and sublime sounds that will stay with you all year.

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