Oscar's Smokehouse


Oscar's Smokehouse
22 Raymond Lane

Warrensburg, NY
Tel: 518.623.3431

Warrensburg, NY: Smoking again

Oscar's Smokehouse

No story about bacon should ever have an unhappy ending and this one almost did.

Oscar and Edith Quintal opened Oscar's Hickory House in the town of Warrensburg, New York, in 1943. After a fire in 1945, they rebuilt in a nearby location, where they've been ever since.

If you've ever been to the Adirondacks or been near the Adirondacks or heard of the Adirondacks, Oscar's is (or should be) a part of that experience. They make insanely good bacon, smoked hams, smoked pork chops, and beef jerky that have improved many a vacation in these parts, the remains of which have eased many a transition back to regular life.

In early September last year, however, they suffered the second fire in their history. Jerry Quintal, Oscar and Edith's son, watched the family business burn to the ground. Some feared it would never reopen.

From the ashes, though, a larger Oscar's was rebuilt and opened this past February. It's now powered by green technology and more high-tech equipment—but don't let that fool you. This is still a mom and pop place, where everything gets hands-on care. You can taste it.

Can't get to the Adirondacks? Oscar's ships.

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