1899 Mountain Road
Stowe, VT
Tel: 802.253.4411

Stowe, VT: Go for the slopes, stay for the slices


If you'll forgive us the pun, we'll forgive a pizza place for a cheesy name. But Piecasso has some credentials that justify the explicit boast.

Piecasso's owner Eduardo Rovetto worked in upstate New York pizzerias under the guidance of his Sicilian parents. A decade ago he set up shop in Stowe and, ever since, skiers who've worked up a serious appetite on the slopes have rewarded themselves with these circular (by rights they should be cubist) works of art.

Hand-thrown dough, locally-sourced ingredients, and that fine Italian hand make these pizzas some of the best you'll find in this or any part of the country.

You can build your own or have one of the house specialties: the Tree Hugger (spinach, basil, garlic, and onions), the Piecasso (ricotta and broccoli are the ringers), and the gorgeously simple Pomodoro Bianco—mozzarella, basil, plum tomatoes, and fresh garlic.

Would we go to Stowe only for Piecasso pies? Well, the skiing's pretty great. But those pies reach the summit, too.

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