Polaroid (Im)Possible


Polaroid (Im)Possible
Westbahnstrasse 40
Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria: Instant gratification

Polaroid (Im)Possible

Polaroid fans, all is not lost!

Vienna's WestLicht Museum of Photography recently purchased the International Polaroid Collection, comprising over 4000 artworks from 800 artists, including Ansel Adams, who shot the image at left, titled Yosemite Falls & Flowers 1979.

The WestLicht, with an assist from Impossible, the producer of the new instant film for Polaroids, will have an exhibition of the works, with shots by Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Mapplethorpe, among many notables. There will also be new works using the Impossible film.

It was hardly a foregone conclusion that the museum would acquire the collection. It had essentially vanished inside Lausanne's Swiss Musé de l'Elysée. And when Polaroid was liquidated, the collection was to be broken up and auctioned off. In its new Austrian home, it will be presented to the public for the first time.

For anyone who has a Polaroid (it's estimated that 300 million are still in use), or are fans of the medium, the exhibition should be worth a pilgrimage. It runs from June 17th to August 21st.

Photo: © Ansel Adams / 1979 / WestLicht Collection

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