Postojna Cave


Postojna Cave
Jamska cesta 30
Postojna, Slovenia

Postojna, Slovenia: An underground adventure

Postojna Cave

Over twelve miles of underground caves are the reason to visit one of Slovenia's biggest attractions.

Not all of those twelve miles are not open to the public. But when you go, you'll see, by walking and via cave train, plenty of gorgeous stalactites, natural sculptures, passages, galleries, and chambers.

One area, dubbed the Concert Hall, can hold up to 10,000 people for a performance—and the acoustics are superb. Hearing a symphony deep down in Postojna is a memorable occasion.

The caves were carved out by water over four million years ago. There are some indications that people visited in the 13th century; there is a written description of the caves from the 1600s, and the cave opened to the public in 1819. Electric lighting was installed in 1884.

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