1415 Charoen Krung (New Road)
Bangrat Market
Silom Bangrak, Silom
Tel: 02-234-3755
Prachak is across from Robinson Shopping Center, near the Shangri-La Hotel

Bangkok, Thailand: Cult noodle shop enters its second century


First, it's difficult to find. Second, there's no English signage to confirm you've managed to do so. Look for red lettering and giant pots steaming on the sidewalk—the noodle station operates right out on the street.

At this writing, Prachak has been serving up more or less the same menu at this same storefront for 113 years, passed down through four generations of the same family since 1897. That alone would make the place worth a visit, but the cheap, flavorful, authentic Thai food is what's made it something of a cult favorite.

Inside, the menu is written on the tile walls in Thai, but if you look like your Thai might be rusty or nonexistent, the staff will hand you a fat book full of pictures of the dishes.

Try the wonton mee noodle soup or house specialties like moo daeng (red pork) and roast duck, prepared in the front window. But be forewarned: Prachak is such a local institution, they tend to run out of their popular dishes by 5 or 6PM.

Our suggestion? Lunch.

Photo: copyright iamguava/Flickr

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