Radost FX


Radost FX
Belehradska 120
Prague, Czech Republic
Tel: 420.603.193.711

Prague, Czech Republic: Hot DJs, hot music, hot dance floor

Radost FX

The Czech Republic has more than its fair share of beautiful people, and on any given night (or day) you'll find quite a few of them at Radost FX.

There's an Old World shabby chic thing going on in the cafe/lounge areas of the place. You can get just about anything on the all-vegetarian menu—pasta, pizza, Mexican—anything except Czech food (or meat).

Most people, though, don't think first about Radost's food. It's the club, the music, and the DJs that continue to make it central to the city's nightlife. The DJs that spin here take their work seriously and you'll always hear hot house, soul and hip hop music. If you're going just one night, check out Thursday nights (called Bounce) and hit the dance floor.

A couple of last points about Radost: Don't go expecting the latest in high-tech effects (in spite of its FX moniker) or a super-sleek look; it's definitely a more home-grown vibe. And, unlike a lot of clubs around the world, it's less about attitude than having a good time. That just might be the secret to its longevity.

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