Remo General Store


Remo General Store
219 Bondi Road
Bondi, Australia

Bondi, Australia: Good stuff, better vibe

Remo General Store

"Nothing very bad could happen to you there." That's what Holly Golightly says about Tiffany's and it's how we feel about Remo General Store. Its store and HQ is in the Bondi neighborhood of Sydney but its merchandise and—more crucially—its good vibe, is global.

Started in 1988 by Remo Giuffre, Remo (the man, the store, the brand) was out front on using the web to create a community, extend the brand, and sell stuff. The original store on Oxford Street is gone and most of their business is done through the web, but their Bondi headquarters is a place where Remophiles can gather and browse through the quirky mix of cool, useful, and eccentric items that Remo stocks.

T-shirts to upside-down planters, pencil cases to rubber chickens wall clocks to Tongan Lolo oil, Remo has said in interviews that people don't need what he sells. In a way that's true. You can get by just fine without Lolo oil and probably have. What the store proves, though, is that people from all over the world do need its sense of community and fun. As you can see in the image, one day Remo was offering free hugs for all. Remo fans know that that's always been its secret sauce.

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