Residencial GOA


Residencial GOA
Calhau, Sao Vicente, Cape Verde
Visa needed for entry.

Calhau, Sao Vicente, Cape Verde: Sun, water, peace

Residencial GOA

Cesaria Evora is from Cape Verde.

And that begins and ends most people's general knowledge of Cape Verde. Find it on a map? Not so much.

But if you do want to know, it's west of Senegal: 10 islands surrounded by nothing except the Atlantic. Colonized by Portugal, the now independent country is stable, enjoys moderate temperatures, beautiful beaches, and welcomes visitors warmly. Tourism is on the rise, but it hasn't overwhelmed the natural volcanic beauty.

Goa Residencial is a modestly-priced (about $100 a night for two people) hotel on the beach with simple, comfortable bedrooms that will allow you to enjoy the simple pleasures of the country: sunbathing (it rarely rains here), swimming, surfing, diving, a walk on the dried lava flows, sailing a kite.

Sun, water, peace? Cape Verde may be the perfect destination for you.

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