Room 606


Room 606
Hammerichsgade 1
Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel: 45.3815.6500

Copenhagen, Denmark: The Egg and the Swan in their natural habitat

Room 606

For design buffs in general and mid-century modernistas in particular, have we got a room for you.

Arne Jacobsen, who put most of the Danish and a lot of the modern in Danish modern, is most remembered for his chair designs. The Ant chair, the bent plywood Model 3107 chair, the Egg and the Swan are some of his most celebrated accomplishments.

Those last two, the Egg and the Swan, were designed for Copenhagen's SAS Royal Hotel, which opened in 1960. In many ways, as has been noted elsewhere, it was the world's first designer hotel. Jacobsen designed virtually every piece of it—the facade, the silverware, the souvenirs.

Over time, the hotel lost almost all its Jacobsen works. Now known as the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, there is still one room that retains its Eggs, its Swans, and its lovely Drop chairs, as well as built-in makeup mirrors, radio and intercom system. And you can stay there.

Ask for Room 606. It's about $780 a night, so it's a serious splurge. But if you don't feel like shelling out to see it, you can stay at the hotel for about $200 a night. As a guest, the hotel will allow you to see the room if it's available.

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