Seafood Cellar


Seafood Cellar
Aðalstræti 2
Reykjavík, Iceland
Tel: 354.511.1212

Reykjavík, Iceland: An underground favorite

Seafood Cellar

Of the many pleasures of Iceland, eating well isn't high up there.

Still, it can be done. Head down to the Seafood Cellar, opened in 2003, set in Iceland's oldest underground storeroom (admittedly not much of a claim in most countries, but Iceland isn't most countries).

Make sure you've booked well in advance and are prepared to drop some serious money—that being the case, you'll have an excellent and intriguing meal. The emphasis is of course on fish, particularly those from Iceland's waters. Local lamb, though, appears regularly on the menu.

You can choose the Exotic menu, fun for adventurous eaters (zebra, anyone?), though each dish on the regular menu has enough twists and turns for most people. Those come in the form of Asian ingredients incorporated into Icelandic dishes (what was once called fusion) and unexpected presentation. It's a delight from start to finish.

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