Seattle, WA—locations vary by day, check their site/Twitter


Seattle, WA: Three-star food from that Airstream on the corner


Ice cream, cupcakes, tacos—most food trucks, working with limited cookspace and ingredient storage, pick one thing and do it very well.

And then there's Skillet, an airstream that shuffles around Seattle, making up new menus all the time and creating cravings at every stop. Skillet is the food truck that thinks it's a full-fledged restaurant, in the way Chihuahuas sometimes think they're Rottweilers.

This week, you might stop by the truck for a helping of provencal prawn stew with rouille, or lasagna made with fresh pasta, stuffed with spicy pork sausage and roasted fennel. Or herby poutine, sided with French fries handcut on the spot. Or Skillet's signature burger, the one item that's always in the lineup: A sizeable knob of grilled grass-fed beef on a crusty bun with arugula, Cambozola and bacon jam. Bacon. Jam. (Don't worry, they sell this stuff in jars.)

It's the brainchild of chef Josh Henderson, who graduated from the CIA but later realized he didn't really like working in restaurants. Lucky for us, he didn't jump ship from the dining world-instead, he just took his passion on the road.

You'll want to hop on Skillet's Twitter feed or check the site to find out where they're parked on any given day.

Photo: Skillet

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