Sooke Harbor House


Sooke Harbor House
1528 Whiffen Spit Rd
Sooke, British Columbia Canada

Sooke, BC: Serenity now

Sooke Harbor House

In Breakfast at Tiffanys, Audrey Hepburn says about the store, "Nothing very bad could happen to you there."

That's how we feel about Canada's Sooke Harbour House, located on Whiffen Spit Beach (how great is that name?) in Sooke, British Columbia. Everything is beautifully done, none of it overdone. The views of the Olympic Mountains, the hotel's herb garden, the spa treatments, the dining room that looks out over the water, the great wine list—all of it makes for the most restorative holiday imaginable.

It takes some doing to get to Whiffen Spit Beach—you have to get to Victoria, BC first and then drive about an hour. But then it's dinner at Sooke, where nothing very bad could happen to you.

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