Steak Fingers at Hiebert's


Hiebert's Fine Food
525 East Madrid Avenue
Las Cruces, NM 88001
Tel: 575-524-0451



Las Cruces, NM: The crunchiest, cravingest bite in the Southwest

Steak Fingers at Hiebert's

At Hiebert's Fine Food, on a nondescript street corner in Las Cruces, the name—done up in truly spectacular neon—seems like a bit of an overstatement for what amounts to a glorified hole in the wall.

Until you order the steak fingers. Until you experience the steak fingers.

To make Hiebert's signature dish, whole steaks are sliced into strips, which are seasoned with a spice blend, double-dredged, deep-fried, and then slathered with melted cheddar and tomatillo sauce. Or cream gravy. Or brown gravy. It's chicken-fried steak taken to a whole new level, the skinny strips cleverly maximizing the batter-crunch area.

Yes, Dairy Queens have had steak fingers on their menu since the late 1960s, but these are in another league entirely. So much so that the owners of Heibert's have never divulged the recipe. You'll just have to make the trip to Las Cruces yourself.

Photo: Hiebert's Fine Food

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