The 1886 Crescent Hotel


The 1886 Crescent Hotel
75 Prospect Avenue
Eureka Springs, AR
Tel: 877.342.9766

Eureka Springs, AR: Things that go bump in the night

The 1886 Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel, a well-preserved dowager at 124 and counting, came into being in 1886. Sited atop a mountain in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, it was the last word in luxe for this part of the country for decades, though for a period served as a hospital and as a school for girls in its off-season.

It might fit into the landscape less dramatically over the years if people hadn't kept dying there and then sticking around.

There's Michael, who worked on the original construction and fell through the roof into room 218 . You'd think he'd want to keep away from 218, what with the bad memories and all, but he's apparently fond of it.

There's the spook with a beard and mustache, well turned-out in Victorian finery, who hangs out in the lobby and the bar. Now that's a ghost with at least half a brain.

And there's Theodora, who's usually in 419, claiming to be a cancer patient before she disappears into the ether. You'd like to suggest that she head down to the bar to talk with the dapper dude there, but Theodora's not really open to your opinion.

Anyway, we can't say to a metaphysical certainty that the old Crescent is haunted. It's a lot of fun, though, to think so.

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