The Great Game


The Great Game
269 Kilburn High Road
London, UK
Tel: 020 7328 1000

London, UK: Immersion in a foreign culture

The Great Game

Afghanistanism was once the term used by newspaper editors to dismiss any story that was considered too remote to be even of remote concern to American readers. Since September 11th, the irony of the term has been obvious.

Since relatively few Americans have been to Afghanistan, what we know of it is largely from television reporting, documentaries, and books. It's a necessary education—Afghanistan is likely to be a central part of our foreign policy for many years to come.

To enrich understanding of that country's history and culture, the Tricycle Theatre company in London created a sweeping three-part event called The Great Game, consisting of a dozen short plays on the theme of Afghanistan by various writers. It played to much acclaim last year; a typical review, from the Telegraph, concluded, "A challenging theatrical marathon of notable intelligence, insight, ambition and achievement."

The Great Game returns to the theater for a limited run from June 4th through July 17th where you can seen it over three nights or in one fell swoop. After that, it will tour the U.S. with stops in Washington, Minneapolis, L.A., and New York.

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