The Hat Shop


The Hat Shop
120 Thompson Street
New York, NY 10012
Tel: 212 219 1445

New York, NY: Toppers for function, finishing, or flaunting

The Hat Shop

Once upon a time, when fashion accessories meant parasols and petticoats, women's true objets de fetish were hats: One needed just the right one for each outfit or occasion.

Step into this wee millinery boutique in the heart of Soho, and you're firmly back in that era.

Here, owner Linda Pagan holds court (in a hat—always in a hat) over an exquisite collection of bonnets, fedoras, pillboxes, fascinators and more, sourced from 30-odd New York milliners—plus the in-house line, Château Chapeau.

The offerings fall into one of three categories: hats for function, for finishing, and for flaunting (Pagan notes the latter are "not for the faint of heart"). They range from the cheap and cheerful (like a $25 beret) to the extravagant (wide-brimmed, befeathered styles begging for a day at Ascot, which can nudge four figures). You can also re-trim an old hat to update its look.

One note of caution: The Hat Shop becomes seriously strained leading up to wedding season, so if you're looking for something tailored at this time of year, prepare for a wait.

Photo: WYWH

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