The Home Place


The Home Place
4968 Catawba Valley Drive
Catawba, VA
Tel: 540.384.7252

Catawba, VA: Fried chicken and sweet tea

The Home Place

If you're looking for an old-timey, practically-off-the-map Southern food shack, The Home Place isn't going to scratch that itch.

But for Southern goodness, it's got everything going for it. Fried chicken to die for? Check. Unforgettable biscuits? Yes, with apple butter, thank you very much. Roast beef, mashed potatoes sweet iced tea, all served family-style? Most definitely.

A pleasant old house, in a charming setting (on 150 of the original 600 acres)? You've got the idea. Only a few things to know: they don't take reservations and the waits can be long. The prices are really modest: $13 for two meats and all side dishes, $14 if you want three meats. And they only do BBQ pork on Thursday nights.

One more thing. Make sure you're wearing loose-fitting clothes, y'hear?

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