The Musk Ox Farm


The Musk Ox Farm
12850 E. Archie Road
Palmer, AK

Palmer, AK: Wool from the bearded ones

The Musk Ox Farm

Qiviut, a much-loved Scrabble word, is musk ox wool, also much-loved since it's warmer than sheep's wool and softer than cashmere.

The musk ox is an incredible animal, having been stomping around since the Ice Age, but now allowing itself to be domesticated for qiviut production. Head north from Anchorage about 45 miles and you'll come to the non-profit Musk Ox Farm in Palmer where they're helping reintroduce the musk ox into the area (it had been extinct in this part of the world).

You can visit the the sixty Oomingmaks (bearded ones) at their lovely home in the Matanuska Valley, learn about the sustainable agricultural practices used there, buy a great wool hat, and most of all, spend some time in the company of these extraordinary creatures.

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